Daily Digest: Ali Eldrazi

Two-deck format? Please. Ali Aintrazi has always ignored the go-to decks in formats and it won him a national title in one of the least diverse formats ever. Could it win you an #SCGStates Championship this weekend?

Invitational Champion and all around good man Ali Aintrazi had a couple deep runs in the last two Opens. Both his decks contained lots of colors and the
full amount of Catacomb Sifters.

His first deck was a little slow and clunky but definitely dominated the lategame with Eldrazi and various Dragonlords. The Radiant Flames stayed,
alongside the Catacomb Sifters, but the gameplan has changed. Ali is still killing people with Dragons, but it’s playing more of a true control game than a
tapout control strategy.

At its core, Ali’s deck is basically a fancy Abzan Control deck. He’s got Siege Rhino to block and gain some life in the earlygame and some fatties to
close the game. Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy does excellent work in a control deck as always, even if this deck isn’t playing Bring to Light. Being able to
Flashback” a Radiant Flames to deal with their second wave is excellent and a great way to fully stabilize against aggressive decks.

Being able to deal with Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is of the utmost importance for a control deck, and I think this deck does a good job of that. Catacomb
Sifters and Siege Rhinos provide some early bodies, and Draconic Roar can clear out the Knight Ally and also ding Gideon for three.

This deck shows that there’s more to Standard than just Jeskai Black and G/W Megamorph.