Daily Digest: Act III

Is there anything Sam Black and Brad Nelson like more than a Mardu deck with tons of disruption, burn, and value creatures? Likely not, which is why they would approve of this fresh Modern monster! Need something new for #SCGDC’s IQ? Look no further!

Brad Nelson is pretty good at Standard. He took the Pro Tour Gatecrash winning deck, The Aristocrats, and singlehandedly put it back on map by adding
Blasphemous Act to the maindeck. Is Aristocrats ready for Act III, this time in Modern?

Instead of taking advantage of the Sam Blackesque self-sacrifice synergies, M2Panakin chose to run with a Young Pyromancer engine with a boatload of
removal spells. I like that plan a lot, but with Lingering Souls also in the deck, I would have expected more way to pump your own creatures.

Falkenrath Aristocrat and Thundermaw Hellkite are both difficult to beat in Modern, and your removal should ensure that you live long enough to cast them.
If you’re under some pressure, Blasphemous Act will be there to reset the board and give you some breathing room.

Mardu is a powerful color combination in Modern, boasting some of the best sideboard cards in the entire format. M2Panakin has several game breakers in his
board, including Boil, Olivia Voldaren, Kor Firewalker, and Shatterstorm! Even if your game 1 matchup isn’t great, your sideboard will almost certainly be
a huge help.