Daily Digest: A Visit From Atarka

Imagine how awesome life would be if Santa was a Dragon. Ross Merriam is a child at heart, so he’s letting his creativity run wild. But he has a Modern decklist too. Something for everyone!

‘Twas two days before Christmas and all though the house,
Many creatures were stirring, even the Kird Apes. (That doesn’t sound right…)
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In the hopes that Atarka soon would be there. (That’s better…)

The Goblins were swarming the battlefield,
With glee in their eyes. With knives! And with shield.
They’re backed up by burn spells that pack quite a zap,
To lay your foe down for a long winter’s nap.

Summon them quickly and you’ll raise quite the clatter,
As your opponents are desperate to handle the matter.
Removal, removal is what they will need,
But too slow they will be to answer this breed.

The Goblins are tiny but in such great number,
An unprepared mage they’ll quickly encumber.
Once the Goblins are done and their life is low,
Lightning Bolt’s there for the finishing blow.

Foundry Street Denizen is first on the scene:
From the rest of your creatures much power it gleans.
Mogg War Marshal’s there to quickly go wide,
And of course Legion Loyalist, so they can’t be denied.

Since removal is poor against creatures so cheap,
Most players will block to reach their next upkeep.
But first strike and trample make blocking much worse,
Leaving your rival in a spot most adverse.

But too many Goblins and the warrens deplete
Of creatures who are well-equipped to compete.
There aren’t many Goblins that get my endorsement,
So break from the tribe to seek reinforcement.

Get Beasts! Get Spirits! To join with your ranks,
Get Wizards and Apes to protect your flanks.
All of these creatures are skilled with a blade,
And certainly best Goblin Balloon Brigade.

I’d play more creatures that can Guide the sleigh,
But other than that this list’s set to prey,
Upon all of the Scrooges who do not believe
In the great Atarka, oh how naive.

Despite what the Goblins’ text boxes may say,
By her Command they grew three sizes that day.
Only then will foes know that their time is fleeting,
As you wish them all a warm Season’s Beatings!