Daily Digest: 900 JP

Nothing beats a big pile of good stuff. You don’t have to have infinite synergies, game-breaking combos, or even a game plan, You just need powerful cards and the lands to support them! GerryT examines the latest in “good stuff” strategies!

Oh, Modern. At this point, the “Guild/Clan/Shard Cards I Own” deck naming convention is played out, and that wouldn’t happen in any other format.

Today’s variant of B/W Cards I Own is just that — a pile of semi-powerful and underplayed white and black cards that won five matches in a row. This deck doesn’t exactly have a game plan, but it’s a pile of powerful midrange cards that got the job done.

Cards like Inquisition of Kozilek, Lingering Souls, Path to Exile, and Day of Judgment slow down your opponent while powerful planeswalkers and equipment are doing most of the heavy lifting. Even Heliod, God of the Sun is present to provide an unbeatable threat in the late game.

With Kolaghan’s Command and things like Abrupt Decay running rampant in Modern, Swords see very little play, but that doesn’t seem right. Not every deck has access to cards like that, and the Swords can dominate in the right matchup. Protection from a color is often so powerful that this deck uses Kor Firewalker and Mirran Crusader maindeck! Don’t forgot that Spellskite can carry a Sword too.

Modern is probably my favorite format to look at for decklists and it’s mostly because of decks like this. There are plenty of powerful cards out there that don’t see nearly enough play, and occasionally a deck that just looks like a pile pops up and crushes some tournament.