Customer Feedback

What are our customers saying about us? See for yourself…

“This is the best site to get cards from.” – Travis Bumfree

“This was a quick and problem free experience. The hand written thankyou was a great touch for an online service. You have my business from now on.” – Chris LaBombard

“Thank you very much. I will definitely be doing business with you again, since my experience this first time was very favorable. Keep up the good service. It is rare to get service like this from anywhere.” – Oliver Khamky

“I would like to send thanks to your staff and your company for your speedy delivery and wonderful service. I will be using you in future for LOTS of things.” – Samantha Keighley

“Thanks so much for your kindness, your understanding and your communications. If I have to rate your shop I would say it is a AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++. Thanks again!” – Roberto Crotti

“I have received my first order from StarCityGames.com. I’m so glad. Thank you for your quick service. I’m sure its the begining of a good relationship between StarCityGames and my credit card….lol!” – Tommy Moar

“Thanks for the outstandingly quick shipment! It’s a pleasure doing biz with a company that gives service like this.” – Slavko Mattes

“Just wanted to thank you for the terrific service I’ve received over the past 6 months. You guys are awesome!” – Stephen Schaack

“The recent overhaul on the shopping cart with all the added features as well as the daily articles and tourney coverage show your dedication to your patrons. Thanks (yet) again for maintaining THE BEST mtg site on the web!” – Tom Damour

“Thank you SO much. I am worried that StarCity is spoiling me for other online retailers, and I’ll soon be asking you if you stock DVDs or airline tickets!” – Eric B. Venet

“Star City Games is a pleasure to work with. I have always found the staff to be dependable and the service to be excellent!” – Jeff Lueth

“I love ordering from you guys. You’re so consistently amazing.” – Aramis Troche

Wow. This is fast service. I just receive the order mentioned above. I am 110% satisfied. I will tell my Magic player friends and let them know about the way you treat your customers.” – André Goulet

I’m a former xxxxx xxx xxxx customer, but a friend assured me I’d like you guys better, so I’m giving it a go! So far, so good.” – Patrick Peters

Thank you for the great customer service.” – Colin Montgomery

It’s always a pleasure to do business with you. I’ve never been disappointed by StarCityGames.com!” – Martin Born

“I have no words to describe your services!It’s simply amazing!I wish we had something similar here in Italy.” – Giacomo Boro

“I would just like to thank you for the EXCELLENT service regarding my order.” – Pieter Viljoen

“Thanks for the great service. Received my order in Ohio today at noon. I wish everyone in a business would take care or their customers the way you have. Visited your store a couple of weeks ago. Great place. Been telling Magic players
in the are to visit your site. Hope you pick up a lot of business.” – Dean Hill

“My package came today! (happy dance!) Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help in this matter – and over everything else, your courtesy and professionalism made the minor glitches with the payment process nothing more than a speed bump. Before I forget – I’m also pleased with the security used throughout the entire order process. Kudos to you! I’ll be ordering from Star City Games again in the future! Thanks again!”- Jon”Tick” Maske

“Thanks a bunch! You guys run a great Magic store there and I’ll definitely be a frequent customer!” – Dan Jacoby

“I’ll make sure to recommend StarCityGames.com to friends. You guys are very helpful and have very nice prices!” – Brian Joyal

“Thank you very much for the great AND FAST service. Being overseas, we can’t always get all the satisfication that we might like. I will definitely use your website and online store again. Thanks to all of you!” – Lou Fam

“I got the cards right on schedule last Thursday! I had family visiting Friday-Sunday, so I was in agony until yesterday when I could spend the time to go through them all! You were right, they are beautiful, and I am MORE than pleased! Type 1, here I come!” – Gus Landt

“The cards came and I was most pleased. If this were Ebay I would certainly give you a positive feedback. When I consider ordering Magic cards in the future I will think of you guys first.Thanks again!” – Bob Thomas

“You guys are awesome. You have everything that an MTG player/collecter could want. Thanks again!” – Mike Adams

“Dear Star City, Thank you very much for all of your help. It has been a true pleasure dealing with you.” – Brian Johanon

“I love your site and find it to be very competitive price wise.” – Luke Tsavousis

“I received my shipment this morning and again, StarCityGames.com has impressed me greatly with the quality of product you provide. Not to bash anyone in particular, but what passes for”Mint/ Near Mint” with some sellers is horrifying… not to mention what passes for”fast shipping”. Get used to
my fanboy emails, Crystal, because I’m going to just keep buying! Thanks again!” – Jose Valdes

“I just wanted to say thanks for your great service. I made my order and it was delivered the next day! Another site I tried to make an order with couldn’t even process my order in five days, and their confirmation e-mail said it would take three. That’s when I cancelled my order there and found StarCityGames.com. I know where I will make my Magic purchases from now on. Thank you Star City!”- Josh Morrison

“Thanks so much for all of your help. You guys have been great. That’s why I keep ordering from StarCityGames.com whenever I need cards.”- Luis Neiman

“How fast! You guys must have teleported my order to me — I was truly amazed by your speed of delivery and the quality of your packaging was spot on!” – Joel Henry

“I would like to congratulate you and StarCityGames.com for the excellent service I’ve received in both of my orders. Thank you!” – Gustavech Andradech

“I appreciate the quick responses you have given me. This is the kind of service I had heard about from my friends and I
am happy to see that it is the norm rather than the exception. I work in a service type job and know how thankless a job it can be sometimes. Let me take this opportunity to say thank you. Your prompt replies and courtesy have earned a repeat customer. Congratulations on a job well done. I look forward to receiving my shipment.” – Nathan McKay

“Thanks again for the great
website and superprompt shipping!” – Aramis Troche

“Thank you so much for the prompt and courteous handling of my order! The cards are in better shape and less expensive than I thought they would be and the order was filled extraordinarily quickly (much faster than even the fastest Ebay order!!!) with a minimum of hassle. I will definitely purchase Magic singles from StarCityGames again! Thank you!” – Jose Valdes

“I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent quality of the Magic cards and excellent pricing…” – Ed Gobbi

“It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I’m sure I will become a regular customer after this pleasant experience.” – John S. Carlson

“I must say that I am greatly pleased with your customer service and I will definitely spread the word about you.” – Youri Rodrigue

“Thank you for taking the time to contact me. Your e-mail just added to my buying experience and might I say, it’s been a great one. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of business with you in the future. Thanks again and keep up the good work.” – Toby Dalton

“Once again I have to say you have the best customer service!” – Paraskevi Kokkinou

“Thank you very much. By the way, it’s always a pleasure to order from you. It’s simple, fast and reliable.” – Wolfgang Bauer

“Yet another flawless purchase!!!” – Stacey Sharpe

“I thank you for your great service. You greatly uphold the esteemed reputation of www.starcitygames.com. Thank you for going the extra mile.” – Joe Sweet

“Thank you for such great service with your company. I will be sure to order all my cards from you here on.” – Ryan Parks

“Thank you very much for the fast shipment. I have to tell you that you have one of the best, if not THE best, customer services among the
online magic stores. I suppose we’ll contact again for my next order. Thanks once again.” – Paraskevi Kokkinou

“I just wanted to compliment and thank Crystal for excellent service and
responsiveness on my last order. She patiently dealt with two changes to my Mirrodin pre-order, and despite the changes, the order arrived quickly and
correctly. Thanks!” – Kenneth Fortson

“As always, I can depend on you guys. I appreciate the excellent customer service Crystal and yourself continue to provide, and look forward to future purchases with StarCityGames.com. Thanks again!” – James McGarry

“Hello, I just wanted you folks to know that I got my shipment and everything was fabulous! I won’t hesitate to deal with you folks again!” -Stacey Sharpe

“Thanks so much – I’ll be putting the money towards my wedding in two weeks. I have recommended your site to a couple of friends who have Magic cards they’re trying to unload. Your buy procedure is great, responsive and timely. It was a pleasure doing business with you.” -Peter Hark (Note: Peter sold cards to us using our buylist)

“Not every online business is as professional or as scrupulous as you guys are.” -Andrej Hartnett

“You guys by far are the best online, I have had so many problems with other
sites. Its refreshing to deal with someone like you.” – Steve McKenna

“I will remember to use you guys for my card needs next time, as the customer support I have received from you guys is truly wonderful.” – Keith Clerique

“I am truly impressed with the customer service, the selection and the quality of the products that you provide. I have now placed three orders and have been pleased with the results of each one. Your web site has become a main source for all my Magic needs and references. Thank you.”- J.M. Huze, Michigan

“You are doing a great job, good service and fast shipping. My compliments. And you are cheaper than lot of other Magic Shops on the internet.” – Asbjørn Lie Parmer

“I recieved every thing I ordered in perfect condition. You can be expecting more orders from me.” – Tyler Hulshizer

“I ordered a booster box of 8th Edition and was impressed at the reasonable price and the timely delivery. Nice work!” -Andrew Bushey

“Once again I was very impressed
with the items I purchased last week. I was very surprised to receive
them the next day. I can not say enough good things about your company!
I will no longer purchase items from area stores because your prompt
delivery and excellent quality have made me absolutely loyal to
you. It is also a nice touch to place a handwritten thank you on
the invoice! Please express to all people involved with my order
how perfectly pleased I am!” – JB Beale

“Thank you. What great service!” – Lois Hamilton

“What else can I
say? You’re just great!” – John Costakis

“About a week ago I ordered a beta Ancestral Recall from your store. My card came in the mail today and I wanted to let you know how happy I am. The card is beautiful! I definitely plan to order from you again. Keep up the good work!”- David Scotton

“I’m amazed with your quick service
and attention to the customer. You’ve definitely made a repeat buyer
out of me.” – Mike Little

“Hey, thanks again Pete for the
great customer service. I have to say that I’ve been treated fairly
and well. I will continue using your store for all my magic needs.
:)” – JC Madden

“Thanks again for the wonderful
service!!!!” – Brian Jones

“Wow! You guys are the best mail
order company ever!!!! 🙂 Every time i order from you i’m not just
happy, i’m literally impressed. Thanks again for a great deal, and
excellent customer service. I have *never* dealt with any company
so wonderful! :)” – Patrick Morris

Thank you very much for letting me know.
It is because of excellent customer service such as this that I
love using your site for my Magic needs.” – Dave Toops

Thanks again for the great service! This
is what makes you guys the best!:)” – Charles Glaspie Jr.

“Thanks a lot! You guys are one
of the few online Magic sales sites that has been good to me.”
– Ryan Eckenroth

“Thank you very much, you handle
orders faster than I read my e-mails!” – Felix Nuenlist

“Thanks again for the cards, and for your patience.
I’m feeling honored that you count me among your good customers.
We will be in touch!”

– John Costakis

“Thank you. Your service surpasses all of my
expectations :).”

– Mindaugas Riauba

“Once again your service has made me a future
customer and I’ll spread the word. Keep it up because it really
makes a difference… at least to me.”

– Tony Myers

“It is service like this that makes me shop
only at Star City and write only for you guys. Thanks.”

– Tony Sculimbrene

“This is why I love you guys so much. Very
cutomer friendly and prompt with help. I just wish you guys weren’t
all the way in Roanoke! Anyway keep up the good work!”

Eric Johnson

“I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful
company. I recently purchased some singles from you and was amazed
at the vast selection, the prompt shipping, and the expert service.
I also price-shop you against much of the competition, and you are
almost always the cheapest. Everything from Beta/OOP’s to the hottest
Type 2 cards. I used to price shop you on every card, but i find
myself doing that less and less each time. Though i haven’t bought
a ton of stuff from you yet, I assure you that there will be more
to come!”

– Joshua Brooks

“I am so impressed with the wonderful service
of your store. After a measly 8 (5-6 business days after I ordered)
days I found it very pleasant that my package arrived here in the
Philippines so quickly. Please expect to see me again ordering from
your site very soon. :)”

– Jose Delfin

“I have recieved my order and I am glad to
say that I am very content with my order. I will continue to use
your service in the future. I look forward to doing more business
with you all.”

– Roger Pemberton

“Thanks again, Pete; I always enjoy dealing
with your company.”

– Matthew T. Furlong, Jr.

“Thank you very much. You guys are awesome.
Great service and customer relations? I appreciate it.”

– Richard Carneski

“Just wanted to let you guys (and girls?) know
how much I appreciate the super service you provide. Seriously,
you do a fantastic job! Keep up the great work.”

– Greg (and son Max) Koren.

“You guys have the best prices period. I will
never order from another store until you guys go out of business.”

– Daniel Lynch

” Just wanted to say, good job ! This is the
fourth time I’ve ordered from you guys and you just keep getting
faster (and my orders keep getting bigger, damn that addictive game).
I placed my order about four or five hours ago and just read the
UPS shipping notification. It’s that kind of prompt service that
will keep me shopping with you guys until I break the habit ;-)”

– Matt Rozar

“Received the cards and just wanted to say
a big thanks. Delivery was very quick and the cards look perfect.
Looking forward to doing more business with you soon.”

– Phil Horwell

“A couple of weeks ago I made my first purchase
from starcitygames.com, and I was beyond pleased. What especially
struck me was the speed at which my order was processed and delivered
– I was downheartedly expecting as long as a week before I received
the cards, especially since I had selected the standard shipping
rate – so you can imagine my pleasant surprise at finding the package
on my doorstep just two days after I ordered. Thank you! You’ve
earned yourselves a repeat customer, as I just placed my second
order moments ago.”

– Kevin McDunn

“I am very impressed with your service.”

– Somkiat Triratpan

“You guys do a great job on every order, so
keep up the good work.”

– Michael Nardone

“Cards arrived fine, and thanks for the free
mouse pad! I brought it to work, and several folks have asked about
it already. Here’s to promotional items increasing sales!”

– John Cochrane

“I wanted to thank you for your timely and
courteous response. I appreciate that you took the time to explain
to me why my order took longer processing time than usual, and I
thank you for looking out for my best interests. I especially wanted
to thank you for the two signed cards that were sent along. I now
know that Star City Games is an excellent site, and one I’m sure
to do business with in the future. Thank you.”

– Joseph France

” I thank you for your excellent service. I
will definitely continue shopping with your store.”

– Matthew Davis

“I will continue to order cards from you and
enjoy your website a great deal.”

– Mark Vogl

“Your professionalism has just earned a repeat

– James Clark Jr

“I don’t buy cards from you because you’re
the cheapest. I buy from you because you run the best Magic site
on the net, and I want you to keep runnin’ it. I figure my $350
is paying for five or six articles. Articles that myself and the
rest of the community is going to enjoy over a Coca-Cola on a boring
Wednesday night. You guys all do great work. Keep it up, and I’ll
keep sending you my orders.”

– Elliot Klinge

“I have to say I’m very pleased with the customer service you have showed me
up til now. I’ll definitely make all my future magic purchases through

– Gustavo de Avillez

“I have placed two orders with your company. Both were filled promptly and
delivered quickly, even using postal mail. But that is not why I’m sending
to you. I have also found your site to be an excellent research site. The
layout is clean and crisp, easy to use and quick loading. Just wanted to
thank you for an excellent Magic resource”

– Michael Cottrell

“As always, I am astounded by your customer service.”

– Joshua Brooks

“You guys are by far the best online store on the web.”

– David Allen

“Thanks for your quick service. I must say, StarCity is one of the best sites
I’ve ever ordered from and I’m proud to be a repeat customer. Keep up the good

– Herbert Goodman

“I just received my order and everything was in great condition! I just
wanted to thank Star City Games and to say I will definitely be shopping there in
the near future!”

– Mike Schreck

“You guys rock! I hope I don’t sound impatient when I ask about order status. I have had bad luck with other online companies shiping items late or sending me the wrong items. I don’t want to lump you guys into that category because unlike those other companies you have great customer service. You have no problem informing me of order status. You actually respond to customer emails. You can definitely count on my continued patronage.”

– David Ludwig

” I just want to thank you guys for the great service. I’ll refer you guys
to all of my friends and I will definitely be buying more cards from you in the very near future.”

– Chris Mooney

“I will probably order the rest of the P9 and any other of my card needs from you. You have a great selection, good prices, and awesome customer service!”

– Mark Jacobs

“I just wanted to thank StarCityGames.com for yet again providing me
with exactly what I ordered in the exact condition it was described! You are, without a doubt, the best on-line shop for Magic I, or my
friends, have ever dealt with! Keep stocked, we’ll be ordering more in the future”

– Brian Reames

“Expect more orders in the future. You’ve proven yourselves to be the most trustworthy and reliable source for Magic cards out there.”

– Matt Davis

“I used to shop around all over the place. You guys now have my dedicated business.”

– Michael Gilmore

“I received my cards this morning and couldn’t be happier. I applaud your service; best on the net. Thank you very much.”

– Trevor Groh

“First off I want to thank you for the cards. I got them yesterday Whoa! They came so fast. No hassle, no customs, at my doorstep. They came SO fast! You guys are perfect, perfect, PERFECT! Thanks again for being so cool and great! (I know I overdo it a bit but I’m a spontaneous, say-what-I-believe kind of person).”

– John Costakis

“I found my order of four NM Su-Chi’s sitting on the doorstep when I came home last night. They’re in very nice condition; I was very pleased. I am amazed at how quickly they arrived. You must have shipped them almost immediately after our email correspondence! That’s the height of promptness.”

– Robert Kam

“I REALLY like your customer service. No wonder you are so established.”

– A. Bhandal, Canada

“I will definitely be buying my Magic cards online from you in the future!”

– Blake Stearman

“Thank you for your help and your outstanding service. I’m sure to recommend you to all my friends for their card purchases!”

– David Clapp

“Thanks again for the excellent service!”

– Chris Overington

“It is nice to see that there are still a few businesses that will work with their customers. I will look to your company again in the future when I am looking to purchase more cards. I will also let the guys I play Friday Night Magic with know about your business.”

– Rick Gallatin

“I would just like to repeat how much I appreciate the service that you (and your company) have provided – it’s been far superior to anyone else that I’ve dealt with thus far.”

– Chris Overington

“Thanks for your service. I have found it more responsive and helpful than

other online collectible shops out there.”

– Matthew Sezonov

“You guys are the best place to order cards. I will always be a customer.”

– Xan Danes

“I’ll be putting Star City on the top of my list next time I’m looking for cards!”

– Jason Hunter

“I have used your online ordering system before and loved it. I was really impressed with the speed of which I got the cards and the splendid fact that you had EVERYTHING I needed!”

– Steven Moody

“WOW! This experience has proven to me that the ONLY place I will be buying my Magic goodies is at StarCity! I will pass the word to my friends!”

– Jennifer Vallee

“Thank you very much for your quick response and your assurance concerning the quality of my order. It’s been a pleasure so far dealing w/ StarCity – SCG.com is definitely getting my business when I order my Beta P9! Take care. Companies like SCG.com are why I love this game so much…”

– Adam Levinson

“Your company really is a pleasure to do business with!”

– Julie Eader

“I appreciate you taking the extra effort to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. You have definitely made me a happy customer, and I shall return to you for my future Magic: The Gathering, needs.”

– Chris Michael Fanaro-Gaines

“Thank you for all your help finding and servicing my order. When 8th Edition comes out I know who I will go to for Magic.”

– Mark Ronin

“Once again, thanks for proving why StarCityGames.com is where I will order
from all the time.”

– Andrew Holman

“You’ve made a believer out of me, and I’m sure we will be dealing again in
the future. I’ll gladly send business your way after some of the problems
I’ve had with other sites. Thanks again!”

Eric Pruitt

“You guys are the best. I always know I am going to get my money’s worth when I order from you.”

– Shayne Kemp

“I am truly AMAZED with your quality and professionalism.”

РJos̩ Garcia


– Michael Villa