A Unique Look At Invasion

True, I am writing about Invasion. However, if you believe that that simple fact merits returning to Star City’s home page, then your beliefs need to be rearranged just this once. For, this article is most likely unlike any other that you’ll read about Invasion. Anyone who’s been reading my articles knows that I’m very…

True, I am writing about Invasion. However, if you believe that that simple fact merits returning to Star City’s home page, then your beliefs need to be rearranged just this once. For, this article is most likely unlike any other that you’ll read about Invasion.

Anyone who’s been reading my articles knows that I’m very partial to Magic’s storyline. Along with that passion comes the love of "really cool cards." This trait runs in my friends as well, and we often discuss the storyline and how it ties into the cards and books. Recently, one of my friends said, "I restrained myself from salivating when I read over the Invasion spoiler." I responded with, "I didn’t! I had to wash my keyboard because it was so sticky!"

I’m going to love Invasion and its slowing-down of the environment. Research and Design has slammed on the proverbial brake, and I love it. And, anyone who knows me could tell you what my favorite part of Invasion is: The Legends.

So, as a tribute to the best creature type ever, I’m going to be examining the Legends of Invasion. (Keep in mind that I’m using the spoiler on MtG.com. I haven’t actually seen these cards, so if my information is off, I hope you forgive me.)

Blind Seer, 2UU, 3/3.
1U: Target spell or permanent becomes a color of your choice until the end of turn.

Ugh. What a poor way to start an article. But I suppose I should just get this thing out of the way. Its ability isn’t too much right now, but if Invasion is a clue to the future, then the Seer’s power will get better as Invasion’s expansions come out. Overall, this creature is a rather good 3/3, especially since it can attack and use its ability. Then why did I start this paragraph out with "Ugh?" Well, it’s my personal belief that a Legend should have a proper noun in its name. "Blind Seer?" How specific is that? I’ll tell you: As specific as Rath’s Edge! And that’s bad. If this were "Greltinkin, Blind Seer" or "The Seer of Albitruy," I’d be much happier. Oh well.

Empress Galina, 3UU, 1/3
UU, T: Gain control of target Legend or legendary permanent. (This ability’s effect doesn’t end at end of turn.)

Have you ever gone second with a green deck against the mirror match and faced your opponent’s Rofellos the turn before you could lay your own and just missing being able to drop a Cradle because of his? Well, fear no longer (as long as you can put a blue legend in your deck). With the uprising of Legends in Invasion (twelve plus Keldon Necropolis), this card becomes exponentially better than it would have in Rath Cycle. I mean, how often did Commander Greven il-Vec and Orim, Samite Healer get played? Plus, the ability’s permanent! This is one of the few "stealing" creatures that can untap and let you keep your stolen creature. All hail the Empress!

Molimo, Maro-Sorceror, 4GGG, */*
Trample. Molimo, Maro-Sorceror’s power and toughness are each equal to the number of lands you control.

The point I want to make: "Number of LANDS you control." Not basic lands. That’s some good. Now that everything is s l o w i n g down, Molimo could be huge. Plus, we still have Giant Growth, Invigorate, and Wild Might for a HUGE attack. He’s targetable, but, unlike Multani he has trample, so chump blockers just won’t cut it.

Captain Sisay, 2GW, 2/2
T: Search your library for a Legend or legendary card and put that card into your hand. Then, shuffle your library.

With the abundance of Legends from which to choose, Sisay could actually see some play. The ability can be played as an instant and has no activation cost other than tapping Sisay. Why is this good? Well, there are actually several viable uses for Sisay’s ability. First of all, she can replace herself. Second of all, she can search your library for any legendary card, including lands. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, she thins your deck. You can search for a legendary card during your opponent’s end step, even if you already have that legend in play, in order to thin your deck of excess cards. Plus, if you don’t have the card in play, you can go ahead and play it! Also, if you consider Sisay’s first role as captain of the Weatherlight (searching the land for Urza’s legendary artifacts), her ability fits right in. You gotta love consistency!

Hanna, Ship’s Navigator; 1UW; 1/2
1UW, T: Return target artifact or enchantment from your graveyard to your hand.

We’ve all heard the ancient newbies’ argument: "What if I play Worship (or Propaganda or Winter Orb or Masticore or Nevinyrral’s Disk, etc.)?" "DISENCHANT!" Well, for U more than Disenchant, you can UN-Disenchant anything that can be Disenchanted. Pretty sweet, eh? I like this card a lot because there are a lot of quality artifacts and enchantments out there. Plus, several more have been made in Invasion (Tsabo’s Web or Teferi’s Moat, anyone?). If Disenchant can be reprinted in every set ever made and receive a five-star rating, something that can counter this effect has to be good. Plus, you can fetch Hanna out with Sisay. Teamwork all the way!

Kangee, Aerie Keeper; 2UW; 2/2
Kicker 2X. (You may pay an additional 2X as you play this spell.) Flying. When Kangee, Aerie Keeper comes into play, if you paid the kicker cost, put X feather counters on it. All Birds get +1/+1 for each feather counter on Kangee, Aerie Keeper.

Overall, this card isn’t very impressive. But, it would make an impressive addition to a… bird deck? Sure thing. Just remember that, as far as I know, "Birds" now includes falcons, hawks, eagles, etc. Kangee doesn’t care about bird type; she’s a very general kind of flyer.

Keldon Necropolis, Legendary Land
T: Add one colorless mana to your pool.
4R, T, Sacrifice a creature: Keldon Necropolis deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

What’s the first thing you see when you look at this card? Well, the first thing I see is Rath’s Edge! But, when I went back, I found that there are quite a few differences. First of all, the Necropolis deals twice as much damage as Rath’s Edge for only one more mana. Also, the Necropolis makes you sacrifice a creature instead of a land. Usually you’d value a creature over a land, but since this ability can be played as an instant, you can feed the Necropolis a doomed creature. Once again, Sixth Edition rules make a card better: Put damage on the stack, then sacrifice a creature about to be dealt lethal damage. Deal an extra two damage to a creature to kill it or fling the creature at your opponent. Overall, I think this card is loads better than Rath’s Edge. However, it’s not too hard to say that about any card.

Tsabo Tavoc, 5BR, 7/4
First Strike; Protection from Legends. BB, T: Destroy target Legend. It can’t be regenerated.

She’s got eight legs, and she’s Phyrexian. ‘Nuff said. "Screw you, Empress Galina! I have Pro-Legends!" Keldon Necropolis and (shudder) Rath’s Edge can’t hurt it. When I saw this card in an ad in InQuest Gamer, I grinned a mighty grin. Tsabo is sweet not only because it has a cool ability, but because the picture and (probably) story around her look amazing! A 7/4 First Strike for seven isn’t too bad at all, and she also buries Legends with no chance of retaliation. Being a black card, most black removal spells won’t be able to touch her. And, she’ll only get better as more legends are printed. And think: If they ever print an Urza card, Tsabo will be able to take care of him! Overall, I am v e r y pleased with R&D for printing this card. Kudos!

Well, that’s my look at the non-Dragon legends in Invasion. Next week, I plan on comparing the new Dragon Legends to the old. Keep your eyes peeled!

Daniel Crane
[email protected]