2017 SCG Tour And In-Store Programs Update

StarCityGames.com President Pete Hoefling discusses how the SCG Tour and StarCityGames.com’s In-Store Program initiatives will be evolving for 2017.

Hi friends,

Over the past year, we’ve encountered a number of significant and increasingly complex challenges regarding the SCG Tour and StarCityGames.com’s In-Store Program initiatives. As we attempted to address each of them, it became apparent that the majority of those challenges were either directly resulting from, or being noticeably exacerbated by, our inability to quickly modify our various Organized Play offerings in order to adapt to external changes we had little to no control over. When we began planning for 2017, we did so with the goals of both improving our programs and addressing this issue. However, we knew that if we were unable to accomplish the latter, there was a very real possibility we’d have to discontinue the entire SCG Tour at the end of this year.

After a number of brainstorming sessions failed to produce an acceptable solution, I began to wonder if what we were looking for simply might not exist.

A few days later, while taking off in a plane, the missing piece of the incredibly complex puzzle we’d been trying to solve suddenly came to me.

I immediately grabbed a napkin, pulled a pen out of my pocket, and began scribbling down note after note as the solution I’d been searching for—a single idea—had begun unleashing an avalanche of others.

By the time I landed, I was more excited about the future of the SCG Tour and StarCityGames.com’s In-Store Programs initiatives than I have ever been before.

The SCG Tour 

In-Store Programs

SCG Points and Seasonal Standings

Thank you for your continued support of both StarCityGames.com and our ongoing efforts to complement Wizards of the Coast’s robust Organized Play structure with the SCG Tour and our own StarCityGames.com’s In-Store Program initiatives.

Please note that some SCG Tour and StarCityGames.com In-Store Program web pages and policy documents may have not yet been updated to reflect the changes contained within this announcement.