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Yorion VS Lurrus In Pioneer!

The Yorion VS Lurrus battles continue, this time in Pioneer! Watch Corey Baumeister and Ross Merriam in Round 2 of this companion clash!

Round 1: Yorion Orzhov Doom Foretold VS Lurrus Hardened Scales

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Upgrades: Arcane Maelstrom

Jeremy Noell and Jonathan Suarez finish their series on upgrading the Commander 2020 preconstructed decks with Arcane Maelstrom.

Upgrades: Enhanced Evolution

Jeremy Noell and Jonathan Suarez return to discuss upgrades to Commander 2020’s Enhanced Evolution preconstructed deck.

Upgrades: Ruthless Regiment

Jeremy Noell and Jonathan Suarez continue their Upgrades series with a look at the Ruthless Regiment deck from Commander 2020!