Brad vs. Gerry: Jund Midrange vs. Grixis Control

In their latest playtesting video, Gerry tries out the Grixis Control list he talked about in his last article while Brad battles with Jund Midrange. Get inspired for the SCG Standard Open in Indianapolis this weekend!

Todd vs. BBD: Affinity vs. RUG Delver

Todd and BBD feature Modern in this week’s playtesting video. See if Todd’s fast aggro deck is able to overrun BBD playing aggro-control or if BBD is able to battle through the onslaught of creatures.

Brad vs. Gerry: B/G Zombies vs. Jund

In this playtesting video Brad and Gerry try out two decks containing proxies of cards from Return to Ravnica that they think could become major players in new Standard.

Todd vs. BBD: G/W Aggro vs. Solar Flare

Need some direction for what to play this weekend at the SCG Standard Open in Portland or SCG Classic Series: Birmingham? Todd and BBD are here to help you with their latest Standard playtesting video!

Todd vs. BBD: U/G Delver vs. R/G Post

Still trying to pick a deck for the SCG Standard Open in Minneapolis or SCG Classic Series: Knoxville? Then let Todd and BBD help you decide as they playtest two decks that have been getting some buzz lately.