Standard Showdown

As Mythic Championship VII gets underway, Corey Baumeister and Ross Merriam battle with top Standard decks!

Round 1: Golgari Adventures VS Izzet Flash


Standard Smorgasbord

Golgari Food is on the menu, and Niv-Mizzet Reborn is looking for a snack! Corey Baumeister and Ross Merriam fight that battle and two more!

Round 1: Five-Color Niv-Mizzet VS Golgari Food


Modern Triple Play!

Corey Baumeister and Ross Merriam are going big in Modern! They kick things off with Amulet Titan and Urza Midrange, and by the time they get to Temur Snow and Infect … let’s just say this one’s a ride!

Round 1: Urza Midrange VS Amulet Titan

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The Brothers’ War

Brad Nelson returns to VS Live! He battles brother Corey Baumeister in three formats: Standard, Pioneer, and Modern. Who’ll come out on top in this Magical sibling rivalry?

Round 1, Standard: Sultai Food VS Gruul Aggro

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Fan Request!

You asked, and the Commander VS crew answered! From Queen Marchesa to Skullbriar and a blood feud, this week’s battle has it all!

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