TURBO BLACK: From Deck Design To Tournament Victory In Five Days

Rumor has it that is not going to make the cut into Seventh Edition. I’m not going to launch into some diatribe about that decision. Actually, I think it is probably for the better – in the long run. Lately Wizards has done an excellent job of making the game based more on skill and…

Peace of Mind – Paranoia

I create”God deck,” which has amazing success. Then Wizards comes along and rotates all of it out. Was Fires THAT weak, Wizards?

Bah: A Type II Tourney Report. Bah.

Bah. Sometimes you’ve just got to say it, and fold up your cards. It usually happens after you take an elbow drop right to the kidneys. Or when you lose the game due to a bad play. Or when you get torpedoed in a Rochester, I suppose (though I’ve never had the pleasure of getting…