The Three Pillars Of Standard

Figure out what you should play in Standard at SCG Open Series: Vegas or SCG Classic Series: Louisville with GerryT’s guide to the current metagame.

Well That Escalated Quickly

After the largest turnout ever to a Magic event at GP Charlotte last weekend, Patrick Chapin talks about the ramifications and possible ideas for improvement.

Pro Tour Lessons Learned

Valeriy thinks the Standard metagame is going to move towards more aggro and midrange decks. See his recommendations for #SCGKY and #SCGVEGAS!

Boros Reckoner Is The New Thragtusk

Michael Martin does another breakdown of last weekend’s tournament results in order to examine the trends for this week, with SCG Open: Cincinnati and SCG Classic: Daytona Beach.

Part Two: A Failure Of Planning

Mike Flores spins the tale of a deck, specifically U/R Delver in Legacy. He ran it in Edison last weekend and cashed, but how could he have planned better?