The Many Flavors Of Fish In Legacy

Fish is one of the most popular decks in Vintage, and it’s equally popular in Legacy… and one of the reasons people love it is because it’s so darned customizable. You can build it out of almost any blue/x color combination, and it does well. But how do you need to change Fish to ensure its success in the creature-hostile Legacy format?

Surveying Legacy

With the announcement of Legacy Grand Prix, I began in earnest to look at Legacy once more. I watched part of a Legacy tournament at Origins and I searched through the major Legacy forums and Legacy websites. I fully intend on playing in the Legacy Grand Prix, and what’s more, I intend on breaking the format.

The Monoblue Manifesto For Legacy, Part One: Decklist, Card Choices, And Philosophy

During Legacy’s birth, you could be guaranteed that you’d face combo decks, Sligh, and combo/control ports from Extended like Aluren, as well as control decks, like Landstill or Fish. With those constraints in mind, Monoblue was probably the one of the best two or three decks in the format. While it’s no longer the best deck, BBS is a strong choice – and it builds the foundation for playing control in Legacy.

Legacy: The Combo Winter That Never Was

With all the broken cards available to the Legacy format, one might figure that combo decks would be dominating the young format. Not so, says Kevin Binswanger, and here he takes an in-depth look at the contenders to the Legacy Combo crown and tries to figure out why they aren’t doing quite as well as some players might have predicted.

Dusting off the Dinosaurs

In the past year, StarCityGames.com has interviewed him and imitated him both to great degrees of success, but we all know there is only one Jamie Wakefield, and he hasn’t picked up a Magical card in five years… until now. What brought Jamie out of retirement, what deck did he play, and what does the man, the myth, the legend have to say about the state of the game today? It’s all here folks, so what are you waiting for?