One Word

Today, SCG Invitational finalist Jim Davis is going to show you how to get better at Magic with one simple word. Read on to find out more!

Finding Your Happy Place

Where does Magic fit into your life? Jim Davis tells you why figuring out the answer to this question will make you a better Magic player and happier person.

How To Become A Deckbuilder

World-class deckbuilder Sam Black has some pointers for those of you who would like to become proficient at building your own decks.

Originality vs. Mainstream

Three-time SCG Invitational Top 8 competitor Shaheen Soorani talks about the advantages of playing decks of your own creation over net decking.

Hedge, Twin, Win

Jim Davis, Goblins expert and 2011 Indianapolis Invitational finalist, writes his first article about winning a Modern PTQ with Splinter Twin.

The Arrogance Of Competence

GP Nashville finalist Ari Lax shares some tips for testing for tournaments and tells you how he thinks Modern will be affected by the most recent bannings.