Fact Or Fiction: Welcome To New Standard!

New format, new changes to the IQ program, new everything! Standard is in the air, and that means Brad Nelson and Brian Braun-Duin are looking to argue over the topics that matter most in Magic heading to #SCCATL!

Fact Or Fiction: Welcome To New Standard!

What does Jim Davis think of having his IQ points taken from him next year? How much does Andrew Boswell cry over not having Mana Confluence anymore? The answers to #SCGATL’s mysteries lie within in the latest Fact or Fiction!

Fact Or Fiction: Battle For Zendikar Approaches!

Two men enter. One man leaves. It’s Fact or Fiction, and it’s up to you to determine who won the heated debate! How good is Awaken? How good are the new Allies in Modern? How good was Theros/Khans Standard? Answers lie within!

Fact Or Fiction: You’d Have Taken The Foil Goyf, Too

Fact or Fiction returns with two new combatants and a host of new questions! Was the GP payout responsible for the Tarmogoyf seen round the world? How likely is Twin to win #SCGINVI or Grand Prix Charlotte? Why is Brad Nelson’s nickname so ridiculous? Answers lie within!