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Buy Or Sell: New Modern Innovations

Last week’s Modern MTG events saw lots of small surprises, but will they stick? Ross Merriam highlights four notable results and explains why he’s a seller or a buyer.

Pioneer In 2022: Red Dead Redemption

With Modern grabbing so much attention, Pioneer has been free to make its own MTG comeback. Todd Anderson breaks down the metagame and offers a red deck to beat it.

My Five Modern Lessons From 2021

Ari Lax’s verdict on 2021 for Modern? Awesome. He lays down five key MTG lessons learned from a tumultuous yet positive year for the format.

Modern’s 2021 End Of Year Report

Modern had a tumultuous 2021, to say the least. Dom Harvey looks back on the popular MTG format’s rapid evolution and what that means for its future.

Luck Doesn’t Exist

Luck, variance, randomness… whatever you want to call it, MTG is full of it. Or is it? GerryT shares wisdom learned the hard way about making your own luck.