Solemn Simulacrum Highlights A Bright Future For Bant Control In Core Set 2021 Standard

The Sad Robot is back, and that makes Shaheen Soorani mighty happy! See how he’ll use Solemn Simulacrum in Bant Control for Core Set 2021 Standard!

Solemn Simulacrum, illustrated by Donato Giancola

Occasionally, a reprint arrives that takes this old man back to his glory days of professional play. I have had brief moments of glory over the years, either with a string of SCG Tour Invitational Top 8s or strong Pro Tour finishes. The success on the SCG Tour was thanks to Esper Control, which featured Sphinx's Revelation and Supreme Verdict. It was tough to lose to other decks that year and I was well-versed in defeating the mirror, creating a very memorable tournament series. Unfortunately, we are not going to see cards from that era return anytime soon.

Powerful control reprints are far and few between for a good reason. When the sweepers and removal are too good, aggressive decks cannot compete. This was the story of Azorius Charm and Supreme Verdict, both of which are staples in Pioneer's best control deck. The Devotion decks were strong competitors while legal, but the best decks were those with Sphinx's Revelation. At a different time in that card's legality, the best deck ran a single Elixir of Immortality as the win condition, showing off what control decks . . .

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