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Walk Like a Ninja – A CCB Draft Walkthrough

With his set review now complete, Nick steps directly into a draft walkthrough that contains a few interesting twists and turns along the way. Where did Nick go wrong and what would you have done differently? Enquiring minds want to know!

Foundations of Kamigawa Block (Part 1 of 2)

Today Zvi begins his examination of Kamigawa Block Constructed, stripping each color down to its building blocks to seek out the real power and synergy in the format. Why should you listen to Zvi when he talks about Block? Because the Block Constructed Pro Tour Winner’s Trophy on his mantle says so!

Good or Bad: Conditional Spells In Type One

Casting costs are relatively important in Type One, for more purposes than just evaluating how much mana you need to put in your deck (especially since cheating on casting costs is the primary goal of many if not most Type One strategies). Its actual import reveals itself through the usefulness of other cards: Powder Keg, Smother, Engineered Explosives, Pernicious Deed, as well as the classically sidelined counterspells, Prohibit and Spell Blast. Other cards ranging from Overload and Plaguebearer to Gorilla Shaman and Chalice of the Void also care very much about this aspect of a card. Today I’m going to break down a whole slew of numbers that will make you a better Vintage player for knowing them.

Finally! Pro Tour: Atlanta *Winner*

After three second-place finishes in four PT Top 8’s, Gabriel Nassif again found himself in the finals at Pro Tour: Atlanta, this time with teammates David Rood and Gab Tsang. What follows is the story of Nova’s victorious weekend, including special guest appearances by Dave Williams and Josh Arieh of World Poker fame and a very angry Kumano, Master Yamabushi.

Kartin’ Ken vs. Betrayers Sealed

I love this Limited format. It is so incredible because there are so many interesting interactions in the format. There are interactions you can easily see (Tallowisp plus Cage of Hands) and ones that you need to see in the game to really grasp (Earthshaker plus Guardian of Solitude). These types of synergies are what the format is all about, and what I’m going to try and help you come to grips with over the next couple of weeks to give you a leg up on the PTQ season.

The Magic Jerk: That Sweet, Sweet Taste

There’s nothing quite like victory to put a little spring in a man’s step, particularly when it vaults you onto the Pro Tour only a week after your team narrowly missed out on automatic qualification.

Much Love

Flores goes suicidal examining yet another creation from his new favorite Constructed deck designer!

The Black Perspective: Mistakes, Mistakes, and more Mistakes

Being the subject of a recent documentary for G4 TV hasn’t gone entirely to Joe Black’s head, in fact he seems downright humble discussing his recent mistakes at Grand Prix: Seattle and Pro Tour: Atlanta. In addition to those tasty tidbits, Osyp riffs on “The Falling Star Ballot” for the Magic Invitational, shows you what card he plans to propose, and much, much more.

Setting the Stage for Standard – The Beautiful Struggle: Getting Jittery

Yusssss! Arcbound Ravager is gone from the format! Now I can cut all of the artifact removal from my Beacon of Creation deck! I shall be unstoppable! Wait, what’s that you just played? Are you equipping something to your flyer? Uh-oh. Yes, kids, any reports you may have read regarding the death of artifacts have been greatly exaggerated. There’s still at least one that will give you nightmares on the eve of Regionals.

This Fire: Mono-Blue for a New Standard, Part One

Now that Affinity got the full axe in Standard, we have a more diverse and open format in which the question “Does this beat Affinity?” no longer has to be asked. This is probably a good thing overall, allowing for future deck innovation and the ability to be free of the “best deck” syndrome. However, it also means the Mono-Blue – a deck that was tricked out to beat Affinity – has to undergo some serious changes in order to retain its status as one of the best decks. Let’s take a look at how you should modify the deck to get the best bang for your buck in the new format, shall we?

Weak Among the Strong: One Turn

Good players play tighter, make fewer mistakes. Good players understand matchups better, or know the correct draft pick orders, or have a deeper understanding of archetypes. Good players have a strategic plan. All these things are true, but sometimes I think the best description of the difference between good players and bad players is that good players don’t give you extra turns and find ways to get extra turns for themselves.

The Art of Team Drafting

The first decision of every draft is whether the team that wins the die roll wants to kick off or receive. There are those who think this is a decision, but I am not one of them. In this article I will explore one of the most crucial decisions you will face in Team Rochester and explain how this single choice determines the path of the entire draft.

A Walk on the Wild Side – Reevaluating Betrayers Limited

The Mauler has never been a conventional drafter, often making picks that cause other pros to shake their heads in bewilderment, but few people can argue with the results that he posts. Today, in one of the more insightful and yet highly controversial Limited articles we’ve published, Mauler gives his take on Betrayers Limited and suffice it to say that what Murray thinks about this format is may set our forums on fire with howls of disagreement.

Magic Jerk Dominated at Pro Tour: Atlanta!

Today the Magic Jerk dips into his recent Pro Tour experience to illustrate just how good the Japanese really are, riffs on the skill factor in Sealed Deck vs. Draft, and delivers a few helpful suggestions to improve your Limited game. Tomohiro Kaji, this one’s for you!