My First Impressions Of Core Set 2021 Standard

The early days of a new Standard are full of cards and decks that just won’t last. Ari Lax is here to keep you grounded!

Sublime Epiphany, illustrated by Lindsey Look

June 24th was the Core Set 2021 Early Access Streamer event. We got a bunch of Tweets talking about decks that play slightly better in Best-of-One against things that aren't Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath.

June 25th was the actual Core Set 2021 online release, and people on the Arena ladder or SCG Tour Online events don't play with the same restrictions. No one is paying them Twitch subscriptions to show up without Growth Spiral in their decks. In fact, it's more likely the opposite.

While there's still a bunch of deck tuning to do, it's time to start looking at some harsh truths about Core Set 2021 integrating into an extremely high-power Standard format.

Sublime Epiphany Is the Good Blue Six-Drop

Originally I had this section as "Discontinuity Isn't Good," but I'll lead off on positivity before starting to bash stuff today.

"End the turn" is a rare effect, so it's easy to get hyped by the . . .

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