Is Drafting Mono-Black Aggro In Dekkaru Cube Viable?

Ryan Saxe is squaring up to Magic Online’s latest Cube offering! Make your picks and see the path he took to claim yet another Draft trophy!

Thoughtseize, illustrated by Lucas Graciano

Cube is my favorite way to play Magic. Once in-person-events are on the table, I'm extremely excited to attend CubeCon, a convention all about Cube! This month, two cubes from CubeCon will be on Magic Online (MTGO) and you can read about Dekkaru Cube in a Wizards of the Coast (WotC) spotlight article. Today, we'll go over a draft from this Cube. (View the full list.)

In a previous article, 5 Quick Cube Lessons, I covered basic tips for drafting any Cube. But that can only get you so far. As I discuss in that very article, the normal Limited heuristics for drafting the open archetype fall apart. Every card in a Cube is so good that the signal information in any given pack doesn't abide . . .

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