Intersections: Core Set 2021, Commander 2020, And Death Triggers

What happens when Core Set 2021, Commander 2020, and the new death trigger rules collide? The latest deck from Sheldon Menery!

Twinblade Assassins, illustrated by Campbell White

Sometimes, you just want to build a new deck and you have to stretch it out to find ideas.  Sometimes, events conspire to give you compelling opportunities.  Such is the case I find myself in right now, as we have a Commander set that's just come out, a core set that's in preview season, and a new ruling regarding the way death triggers work with commanders.

If you missed the memo, you can check out the announcement from the Commander Rules Committee (RC) on the rules change.  The short version is that it works the way a number of folks have thought that it worked all along.  The commander hits the graveyard very briefly, with no chance to interact with it there, before moving to the command zone (if you want it to—the option still exists for it to stay in the graveyard).  It's no longer a replacement effect when it goes to the graveyard or exile—although it still is for hand and library. 

There are cards . . .

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