Everything I Know About Four-Color Reclamation In Core Set 2021 Standard

World Champion PVDDR regrets not piloting Four-Color Reclamation at the Players Tour Finals. Get his list and sideboarding guide.

Teferi, Time Raveler, illustrated by Chris Rallis

Last weekend, the first part of the Players Tour Finals took place, and it's not hard to argue that Wilderness Reclamation decks dominated the conversation, with over 50% of the competitors choosing to play a version of it. Of the different Wilderness Reclamation lists, the Four-Color version performed significantly better, which has me kicking myself a bit since I came very close to playing it before ultimately opting for Bant Control, with not-so-good results. Several of my teammates did end up playing it (including Ben Weitz, who is in the Top 8), so today I will talk about our list and the thought process behind our choices. 

For people who don't follow Core Set 2021 Standard closely, it might feel like Four-Color Reclamation suddenly exploded onto the scene, going from a deck that was almost never even talked about to arguably the breakout deck of the weekend. Those who were focused on the Players Tour . . .

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