Eliminate Has Made Dimir Inverter Pioneer’s Best Deck

Core Set 2021 is payday for Pioneer fans! Ben Friedman explains why Eliminate is just the card Dimir Inverter needed to rise to the top.

Eliminate, illustrated by Chris Cold

Dimir Inverter is back, baby! To be fair, it never really left (although during Companion Spring, it was a weird 80-card Yorion, Sky Nomad version that tried to play a value-oriented game more than a straight combo game).

Now that we aren't getting steamrolled by Lurrus of the Dream-Den or out-grinded by Yorion in both multicolor control decks and Mono-White Devotion, the time has come for Dimir Inverter to step back into its rightful place as the pre-eminent deck of Pioneer.

Here's the list to use as a jumping-off point to rack up wins, courtesy of Players Tour Phoenix Top 8 competitor Peter Ingram:

The biggest, most exciting new piece of the puzzle here is Eliminate from Core Set 2021

Remember when Gideon of the Trials in Mono-White Devotion was the hot answer to older builds of Dimir Inverter? It feels like a lifetime ago, but there was a point in time when a resolved Gideon of the Trials was game over because Inverter didn't have . . .

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