Discontinuity Has Made Simic Nexus Historic’s Best Deck

Rivals member Emma Handy is calling her shot in Historic! Why does she think Simic Nexus is the only rational choice for the format?

Discontinuity, illustrated by Volkan Baga

It's been a while, but it's time to write my favorite style of article: "Play X or be wrong."

This kind of article is really only appropriate when there's a deck that's head and shoulders above the rest of its format and there isn't a guide for the deck yet.  Previous examples include Ironworks in Modern and Four-Color Rally in its Standard format.

Now?  It's Simic Nexus in Historic.

After beating the Historic Simic Nexus drum just about a month ago, the deck received a brand-new toy in Discontinuity.  For the folks here for the decklist:

The base-level information on why this deck is built the way it is can be found in the aforementioned write-up on Simic Nexus in Historic. There are certainly some changes to . . .

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