Commander Top 10: Niambi, Esteemed Speaker

Niambi, Esteemed Speaker got Bennie Smith brewing! See what he built around the Core Set 2021 commander!

Niambi, Esteemed Speaker, illustrated by Eric Deschamps

Core Set 2021 is sweet!  I was lucky enough to participate in the Arena Early Access event sponsored by Wizards of the Coast (WotC) on Wednesday and played a lot of cool new cards, including Radha, Heart of Keld, which I wrote about last week.  This week I'd like to shift gears from the aggressive, beatdown-oriented Gruul deck with Radha to a slower, more controlling Azorius deck with Niambi, Esteemed Speaker at the helm.

We saw the first version of Teferi's daughter Niambi as Niambi, Faithful Healer, a legendary creature whose only ability was fetching up the Planeswalker Deck version of Teferi—Teferi, Timebender.  While Niambi, Faithful Healer didn't really generate much interest as a commander, I think the new version is awesome!

Niambi, Esteemed Speaker packs a lot of power for just two mana.  She has flash, and her enters-the-battlefield ability returns a creature you control to its owner's hand.  These two abilities . . .

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