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The Casual Report, Week 3

I have reached number three. I honestly thought I would have given up on this idea by now, but it just keeps rolling along. Just a note for those of you considering an article for StarCity: I strongly recommend sending it in. The first”Casual Report” managed to win the”Article Of The Week” contest. If you…

U/G/R: Good or No Good?

I’ll be very, very surprised if someone doesn’t find some way to abuse Obliterate at Denver. Maybe that deck will be U/G/R.

Oblique Strategies

A contest for an Urza’s Rage amongst Brian Eno snipes, children’s rhymes, an IBC rant, and the usual mass of strangeness. What else can we say?

What Makes Me A Happy Camper

I, like all players, have gone through the various stages of exhilaration, frustration, enjoyment, and boredom. But, currently, I’m on a Magic high.