To Aggro Or Not To Aggro?

Understanding the shape your Draft deck will take is key to making the best picks. Ryan Saxe demonstrates with a deck that wants to be aggro … or does it?

Pack 2, Deep Blue

Ryan Saxe explores some tricky Pack 2 decisions! With Pack 1 leaning heavily toward blue, what’s the best way to make the most of the deck? Will you make the same decisions as the trophy-winning drafter?

Be Ready To Pivot

In Throne of Eldraine Draft, locking in your archetype too early means locking yourself out of wins! Ryan Saxe shows you how to pivot with a few crucial picks. Just double-check your land count before you submit…

Beauty And The Beast

Ryan Saxe took a strange road to get to his latest Draft deck! How would you decide between the cards on offer here? Do you agree with his picks?


What happens when your Throne of Eldraine draft pulls you between two monocolored possibilities? Ryan Saxe faced a tough pick between black and red. Would you make the choices he did?

Whiteout Conditions

Throne of Eldraine isn’t a snow-based set, but Ryan Saxe is experiencing whiteout conditions Pack 1, Pick 1! What is the strongest card in the color, and should you leave the rest of the table to fight over it?