Drafting Digest: The Sram Whammy

Temptingly powerful two-drop or premium removal spell? It’s a good problem to have Pack 1, Pick 1 of your Aether Revolt draft, and Ryan Saxe is here to sort it out!

Drafting Digest: A Bridge Too Far

Aether Revolt is practically in our hands already, and Ryan Saxe is here to help you get your bearings on the Draft format of the moment! How’ve you enjoyed it so far?

Drafting Digest: Time To Revolt!

Aether Revolt is on its way, and Ryan Saxe isn’t waiting to get his hands on packs to get ahead of the competition! We’ve got a few days until we’re working with print runs proper, but we can still work on our Draft game now!

Drafting Digest: Foiled Again!

Ryan Saxe is back to get your help in navigating Kaladesh’s Draft format! Get ahead of the game before Aether Revolt comes for the shake up!

Drafting Powerful Kaladesh Decks

Ryan Saxe is your go-to resource for Limited formats and the navigation you need to crush them! If you want to be on your Draft game, let Ryan be your mentor!

Your Complete Guide To Elves In Modern

There are two kinds of Magic players: those who love Elves, and those who say “I want every last one of these tree-hugging, earth-loving, pointy-eared weaklings out of here. Now!” Either way, you need Ryan Saxe’s guide to Modern Elves!

Restrictions Breed Creativity

Don’t think of obstacles and parameters in your Magic as bad! They’re the perfect stepping stones to you overcoming formats, both Constructed and Limited! Ryan Saxe returns to share the story!

The Math And Craft Of Energy

StarCityGames.com is proud to welcome Ryan Saxe! In his SCG debut, the New York City grinder gives his insights on the little-understood energy mechanic of Kaladesh and how to think about resource management in general!