Sato, Gruul Adventures, Dominates October Zendikar Rising League Weekend

Japanese player paces the MPL field after first 12 matches.

Two-time Grand Prix champion and MPL member Rei Sato stomped the competition, going 11-1 with Gruul Adventures in the October Zendikar Rising League Weekend.

Members of the MPL and Rivals League battled in twleve rounds of Zendikar Rising Standard action this weekend with each match win helping them make it to the World Championship and either rise or maintain their current league status. Sato’s record of 11-1 set him as the clear leader in the MPL, followed by Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa at 9-3, then Marcio Carvalho, Reid Duke, and Carlos Romao all at 8-4.

Full MPL records for the first League Weekend are shown below:

Rei Sato11-1
Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa9-3
Marcio Carvalho 8-4
Reid Duke8-4
Carlos Romao8-4
Javier Dominguez 7-5
Raphael Levy7-5
Autumn Burchett7-5
Gabriel Nassif7-5
Brad Nelson7-5
Ondrej Strasky7-5
Jean-Emmanuel Depraz6-6
Seth Manfield6-6
Martin Juza6-6
Andrea Mengucci6-6
William Jensen 5-7
Lee Shi Tian5-7
Shota Yasooka4-8
Shahar Shenhar4-8
Ken Yukuhiro4-8
Chris Kvartek3-9
Brian Braun-Duin3-9
Andrew Cuneo3-9
Piotr Glogowski2-10

Sato put on a clinic with his take on Gruul Adventures, using maindeck copies of The Great Henge, Primal Might, and Scorching Dragonfire. Damo da Rosa was one just of three players to play Rakdos Midrange, but it paid off. All three 8-4 players in the MPL were on Dimir Rogues.

Members of the Rivals League also battled in up to twleve matches, but full results aren’t available as two players had some or all of their matches postponed. Stanislav Cifka, Luis Scott-Vargas, and Bernardo Santos headlined the Rivals League with all three reaching nine wins over the weekend. Notably, all three of the top Rivals players registered Dimir Rogues with Santos using Lurrus of the Dream-Den as companion while Scott-Vargas and Cifka went without.

Win totals for the rest of the Rivals League can be parsed from a Magic Esports tweet from yesterday.

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