Korean And Chinese (Traditional) Set Boosters To Replace Draft Boosters

Regions that use Korean and Chinese (Traditional) language cards will only be able to get English Draft Boosters going forward.

Complete Disregard illustrated by Peter Mohrbacher

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) announced today that starting with Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Korean and Chinese (Traditional) Set Boosters will replace Draft Boosters.

Regions that previously received Draft Boosters in these languages may still be able to get English Draft Boosters, but going forward WotC is rebalancing their product lineup to better address player needs. The goal is to enable players to collect a larger range of cards provided in Set Boosters such as cards from The List and Commander-specific cards in Korean and Chinese (Traditional).

The announcement says that Draft play will still be supported in this regions via English Draft Boosters and prereleases will be supported with options for play events with local-language boosters or English Draft Boosters. Despite removing Korean and Chinese (Traditional) Draft Boosters from their product line, WotC states, “Draft Boosters are and will remain an important part of the player experience.”

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