Good Morning Magic Gives History Of Heroes Of The Realm Cards

Learn more about the especially rare Heroes of the Realm cards.

War of the Spark illustrated by Chris Seaman

Gavin Verhey uses today’s episode of Good Morning Magic to break down the history of the extremely rare Heroes of the Realm cards.

Each year starting in 2016, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) names a team from the company to be the Heroes of the Realm. Members of the team get to design cards, which then get artwork commissioned, and eventually the cards get printed and revealed before giving them to the employees. These cards are not legal in sanctioned play, have their own card back, and each member gets a personalized version of each card with their name in the bottom right.

Verhey covered the many created cards over the years, showing off the art and the story behind each card ranging from the team responsible for the card and how they were designed. Verhey even shows off the five cards he was awarded this year. Check out War of the Spark, Collectigull, Myntasha, Honored One, Keeper of the Secret Lair, and Champions of Archery.

Verhey’s five unique cards can be seen below.

You can see Verhey’s name on the bottom right in the image below.

Verhey said that these types of cards are rarer than a copy of an Alpha Black Lotus. If you want to get some of your own, work at WotC or hope someone wants to trade theirs.