Fortnite And Street Fighter Inspired Product Among Newest Releases Coming To Magic

Get ready for Fortnite, Street Fighter, The Lord of the Rings, and Warhammer 40,000 in Magic.

The Magic: the Gathering showcase stream announced the next year’s worth of supplementary sets and Secret Lair drops today, featuring a new Un-set, another Commander Legends set, and Universes Beyond editions for Fortnite and Street Fighter.

Mark Rosewater dropped by to reveal Unfinity, the latest silver-border set that takes place in space!

Described as a retro-futuristic space carnival/amusement park, Unfinity will offer new mechanics, plenty of fun, the always-expected full-art lands (this time set in space), and even space-themed shock lands.

Next up is Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate!

The second helping of Commander Legends is a follow up to the first multiplayer draftable set and this time is tying Commander together with Dungeons & Dragons. The set is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022 and will feature foil etched legends, booster fun, rulebook variants similar to what was seen in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, and more!

Other returning sets are sequels to Double Masters and Jumpstart!

Double Masters 2022 is set to release in the third quarter of 2022 and will once again be a reprint set that features two rares and two foils in every pack. While Jumpstart: Historic Horizons launches this week on MTG Arena only, the next tabletop version, Jumpstart 2022, will release in the fourth quarter of 2022. Jumpstart 2022 will feature 46 different themed packs ranging from Eldrazi to multi-headed monsters and allows players, new and old, to combine two packs and battle it out in its fun and unique Limited format. It will also have booster fun treatments this time around.

New editions coming to Magic’s Universes Beyond series will include Warhammer 40,000 and The Lord of the Rings.

Four new Commander decks will show off the collaboration of Magic and Warhammer 40,000 with new cards and reprints all featuring awesome art inspired from Warhammer.

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth will be a full set release that’s legal in eternal formats like Modern, Legacy, and Vintage. It will also have four Commander decks and Secret Lair drops. The art above is named Gandalf, Friend of the Shire.

Speaking of Secret Lair drops, Secret Lair gets involved with the Universes Beyond as well. Check out some teasers of Fortnite and Street Fighter coming to Magic.

These two drops will feature reprints with art inspired from each game. Get your chug jugs and floss emotes ready when Fortnite drops into Magic.

The Street Fighter drop will feature iconic characters from the classic fighting game, including Chun Li, which is promised to have the multi-kicker ability.

The showcase stream also featured some items that are coming out later this year. First up is another Commander Collection!

Commander Collection: Black includes new art versions of Liliana, Heretical Healer, Ghoulcaller Gisa, Ophiomancer, Phyrexian Arena, Reanimate, Toxic Deluge. Sol Ring, and Command Tower. The special edition will be available in foil and non-foil and have a double-sided token for Snake and Zombie. Full details can be found here.

New Challenger decks are also coming, this time focusing on the Pioneer format.

Four new Challenger decks are coming to help introduce players to Pioneer with top-level decks in a variety of styles. Challenger decks feature: Azorius Spirits, Orzhov Auras, Mono-Red Burn, and Lotus Field Combo. These are set to release on October 15 at local game stores. Check out the full decklists for the decks.

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