Enemy-Colored Filter Lands Reprinted In Double Masters

Rare land cycle finished as enemy-color filter lands previewed for latest set.

Flooded Grove, illustrated by Dave Kendall

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and TCG Player Infinite, the enemy-colored filter lands are back in Double Masters!

Cascade Bluffs Flooded Grove Twilight Mire Fetid Heath Rugged Prairie

After the ally-colored filter lands were previewed on July 7, it was unclear whether the cycle would be finished similarly to how only the enemy-color filter lands were reprinted in Masters 25. The uncertainty is over as the lands originally printed in Eventide are back. Other than their reprinting in Master 25, the enemy-color filter lands showed up as Zendikar Expeditions.

The filter lands helped mana bases from almost mono-colored decks like Kithkin to five-color abominations like Quick n’ Toast. On top of competitive formats, they’re also beloved in Commander.