Ally-Colored Filter Lands Reprinted In Double Masters

Shadowmoor filter lands get first reprint since Battle For Zendikar expeditions.

Sunken Ruins, illustrated by Warren Mahy

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Maria Bartholdi, the ally-colored filter lands are back in Double Masters!

Fire-Lit Thicket Graven Cairns Mystic Gate Sunken Ruins Wooded Bastion

The original cycle of ally-colored filter lands first appeared in Shadowmoor (though Graven Cairns previewed them in Future Sight). A fixture for fixing mana bases, the only reprint up to this point for the cycle was the Battle for Zendikar expeditions.

The filter lands (from both Shadowmoor and Eventide) were crucial in Standard in their time, allowing wild mana bases in conjunction with the Vivid lands and Reflecting Pool. A range of decks with names that mean nothing now utilized them like Boat Brew and Quick n’ Toast as well as traditionally-named decks like Orzhov Tokens and Boros Kithkin.