Weekly MTG Announces Return Of Game Night, Reveals 2022 Pioneer Challenger Decks

Weekly MTG reveals new Secret Lair drop, the 2022 Pioneer Challenger decks, and more

Glorybringer, illustrated by Sam Burley

Today’s episode of Weekly MTG showed off several upcoming products, including the next Secret Lair Drop, the return of Game Night products, and more.

Secret Lair: Cancer Lands Drop

The Cancer Lands drop will be available in both non-foil and foil and will cost $29.99 and $39.99 respectively.

Dominaria Jumpstart 2022

Starting with Dominaria United, Theme boosters will be replaced by Dominaria Jumpstart 2022. There will be 10 unique themes for these boosters.

Game Night Products return

Game Night Free-for-All will include five ready-to-play decks, great for teaching new players or quick casual games. This product is scheduled to release on October 14 and will include five new, Eternal-legal cards.

2022 Pioneer Challenger Decks

The 2022 Pioneer Challenger decks are full 75 (main deck and sideboard) ready-to-play decks. The decks are:

  • Pioneer Dimir Control
  • Orzhov Humans
  • Izzet Phoenix
  • Pioneer Gruul Stompy

These decks will be available starting October 14.