Dominaria United Story Reveals Fate Of The Weatherlight, Reintroduces Fan-Favorite Character

Shanna, Tiana, and Raff encounter Braids and must fight for their lives to save the Weatherlight.

illustrated by Piotr Dura

Today’s Dominaria United story followed the main crew of the Weatherlight — Shanna, Tiana, and Raff.

Having been forced to cloak the Weatherlight in Phyrexian materials to avoid detection, the crew traverses the vast plane, making deliveries to aid the Coalition. While prepared for a fight, they didn’t expect it to come in the form of a massive reanimated skeleton dragon, which engages the ship for a short time before being blasted out of the sky.

While the dragon was dispatched easily, the crew is forced to land the Weatherlight hastily, as the Phyrexian materials begin to corrode the mighty skyship.

Upon landing, the crew is made aware of a giant dome of roiling darkness. The dome, appearing to disintegrate anything touching it, made even Shanna with her magic immunity wary.

Before anyone could process the darkness that lay in front of them, Braids confronts the trio – emerging from a “tornado of rainbow and darkness.”

After a brief conversation, Braids convinces the crew to enter the nightmare dome and help her kill her “shard-self” in exchange for help with the Weatherlight. Using her shadow claws, Braids opens a path into the dome for each of them. Upon entering, each crew member is assaulted by nightmares, namely Shanna who is confronted by an imposter Sisay.

Despite having to endure brutal nightmares, the trio fights through and finally locates the shard-Braids, who starts out confident but is quickly dispatched. With their end of the bargain fulfilled, Braids agrees to help the Weatherlight, however upon returning to the ship, they find that the Phyrexian infection has spread enough to seize control of it, and is now firing upon the crew on the ground.

Shanna and Tiana attempt to fly up to the ship to inspect the situation, but it becomes evident there’s nothing they can do at the moment, and after rescuing what remaining crew members they could, watch as their livelihood flies away.