Delver Of Secrets Appears To Be Bonus Card For From Cute To Brute Secret Lair

Check out the iconic double-faced card getting new art by Nana Qi and GODMACHINE

Delver of Secrets, illustrated by Nils Hamm

An aptly named Secret Lair bonus card has been found with the From Cute to Brute Commander Deck Secret Lair drop — Delver of Secrets!

The front and back of the iconic double-faced card showed up on Reddit today. The card follows the art style of having front-face artwork by Nana Qi and back-face artwork by GODMACHINE that the five new-art cards in the From Cute to Brute Secret Lair Commander Deck.

The From Cute to Brute Secret Lair drop is available for order now at the MTG Secret Lair website.