Animalfolk Chase Cruelclaw, Fight Off Dragon In Episode 4 Of Bloomburrow Story

Ral gets to show off his powers to the group as they journey toward Fountainport

Illustrated by Chris Seaman

Episode 4 of the Bloomburrow story continues with Helga and the rest of the group of animalfolk, plus Ral, meeting the leader of the ratfolk in the cave they wound up in after the Calamity Beast attack in Three Tree City. Coffey leads them through the cave tunnels, offering them hospitality rather than violence. Coffey explains that these ratfolk are lorekeepers of Bloomburrow and they were only hostile at first due to a group of mercenaries, led by Cruelclaw, showing up at the cave the day before. The elder ratfolk tells the group that their scouts believe Cruelclaw has a Calamity Beast egg that could grant him power to control the beasts.

Mabel wants the group to locate Cruelclaw and find out who is giving him orders while also finding a way to return the egg to its proper home. The only issue is they had no idea where Cruelclaw could be. Mabel suggested Helga use her augury skills to locate him. While Helga struggled at first with her magic, she eventually sketched out an image depicting Fountainport, the group’s next destination.

The group begins the journey to Fountainport, but midway through the march through a dandelion field the sky turns stormy and an electric dragon bird appeared above. Ral pointed out that it was an animal-shifted dragon not from this world. The group tried to sneak past its patrol, but a sneeze from Zoraline drew its attention and it swooped in for an attack.

Finneas was able to stick a copper-lined arrow to the dragon on its decent, allowing Ral to hit it with enough electricity to fend off the attack. Ral was unable to bring the dragon down, but the counterattack sent it fleeing away. As the storm clouds parted, the group continues on its way toward Fountainport.

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