2022 August Commander RC Update Introduces Three New Members To Advisory Group

Sheldon Menery provides an update on the state of Magic’s most popular casual format

Dockside Extortionist illustrated by Forrest Imel

Sheldon Menery released the Commander Rules Committee (RC) update for August, which introduces three new Advisory Group members.

Advisory Group Expansion

While the Rules Committee will be expanding their numbers, the announcement is likely not to come until sometime next month. In the mean time, they will be adding three new members to the Commander Advisory Group – RebellBenjamin Wheeler, and Tim Willoughby.


Rebell brings “…deep knowledge of the format across all levels of play…” and “combines it with an insatiable drive for building high-quality, inclusive communities.”

Benjamin Wheeler

Well known in the Magic community for his crafting of both the Canadian Highlander and Gladiator formats, Wheeler brings a wealth of knowledge surrounding community-driven formats and “odd-ball deckbuilding.”

Tim Willoughby

An early-adaptor of Commander (then EDH), Willoughby has provided an in-depth analysis on each banned card in the format – widely regarded to be the best breakdown available.

Bans & Rules Changes

Menery notes that despite there being no bans or rules changes with this update, they do have Dockside Extortionist and Thassa’s Oracle on their radar. At the moment, Menery believes leaving their legality up to the discretion of each playgroup is for the best.

Read the original article from the Commander RC.