AuthorPatrick Chapin

Patrick Chapin, "The Innovator," is a member of the Hall of Fame class of 2012. The Pro Tour Journey into Nyx Champion and five-time Pro Tour Top 8 competitor is a renowned deckbuilder and author of both Next Level Magic and Next Level Deckbuilding.

Better Lucky Than Good: Seven Ways to Get Lucky

This week, Patrick takes a break from intensive deck testing to bring us a more theoretical article dealing with the nature of luck. Is luck something we’re reliant on? Are we at the fickle whim of an angry Fate? Or is it largely mythical, a crutch used to bolster the flagging egos of substandard players? The debate, plus some excellent practical tips on improving your luck… all available within!

A Day in the Life of a Deck Designer – Pitch Necro ’06

Patrick “The Innovator” Chapin takes us through a sample day in his life, a day packed with conflict and deck testing. He shares his latest Standard decks – Quiet Jushi, B/U Haakon, and Pitch Necro ’06 – and thrashes them against a number of the top contenders in the modern metagame. With Coldsnap finally in the Standard mix, everyone is looking for the Next Big Thing… has Patrick found it?

Shredder v2.0 – More Rock than Domain

The Innovator Patrick Chapin updates his powerful Shredder.dec, an Extended offering that has positive matchups against the majority of the field – especially that ornery Friggorid. Last time, the deck felt more Necro than Prison… this time, it feels more Rock than Domain. This article is packed with dedicated matchup strategy and explicit sideboarding advice… could Shredder v2.0 be the deck for you?

61 Cards – Magic Russian Roulette

What to cut? The eternal question. While sixty cards is the benchmark, many mages refuse to acknowledge the detrimental effect suffered when forcing those extra power-cards maindeck. Pat breaks down the logistics of such a ploy, and argues that while it may seem innocuous on the surface, the damage it can do can be telling….

Playing With Melanie – A R/B/U Deck For Standard

Patrick continues to impress… this week’s article takes a fresh look at a popular color combination: Red/Black/Blue. As usual, Pat throws his deck against a host of metagame stalwarts, and records a ten-game suite against each. U.S. (and English) Nationals are upon us… could Pat’s new creation be the surprise weapon of choice?

Classic U/W Control: Karoos > Good

Pat brings us an interesting take on the ever-popular Blue/White Control archetype. He throws it against all the major players in the Standard metagame, and has some surprisingly healthy results. Plus, for all of you naysayers out there who still refuse to see the power of the Ravnica bouncelands in Constructed Magic, Pat attempts to end this argument once and for all…

(Rise and Fall) of the Roman Empire – The Rome Deck

Patrick brings us an intriguing Standard deck based around the powerful split card Rise / Fall. With a host of Invitationalists, and quality removal, Pat throws his creation against six of Standard’s main contenders, and produces detailed match reports and analysis for each. This is an excellent article on what could be an extremely powerful deck…

Information Cascades in Magic

In Magic, there’s one thing we all crave: information. Be it in the form of articles, or tech, or statistics, we can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet gold… but what if the information is leading you in circles? What if the information spawns faulty logic and inbred testing conclusions? In this excellent article, Pat examines the phenomenon of Information Cascades, and shares some pertinent tips regarding our creative process.

More Necro Than Prison – Shredder in Extended

Patrick brings us the story of Shredder.dec, an Extended offering capable of running with the big dogs. Last season, we all saw Friggorid rear its mighty head, overshadowing the format with its broken power. Extended is a format with a number of strong archetypes, and Shredder has game against them all… but the Friggorid matchup was a cause for concern. Patrick has now changed that, bringing game to the table against Ichorid’s Finest Hour. Strategy, sideboarding, and detailed matchup analysis, all available with a click of the mouse!

The Road to Regionals – Hybrid Theory and Critical Snakes

Magic the Gathering Regionals!

We welcome Patrick Chapin to our swelling ranks of Featured Writers, in perfect time to share an innovative “Tribal” deck that has power and consistency. Can the whipping-boy of the Kamigawa tribe pull together to form a contender in the Regionals metagame? Plus, Patrick provides a detailed tournament report, where he faced off against a number of colorful characters. An excellent read, and a deck that’s definitely off the radar.