Introducing The SCG CON Winter Cube!

The Patron Saint of Cube, Justin Parnell, has been working tirelessly with a team for months, and he’s finally ready to unveil one of the most exciting events you’ll find when you hit up SCG CON Winter in a few weeks!

Commander VS: Block Draft!

It’s a highly unusual stipulation, but that just means lots of fresh ways to look at Commander and all the strategies available! Check out what the guys came up with this week!

Commander VS: Ultimate Weapons!

What’s a great legend if they don’t have their greatest weapon? The Commander guys are equipped to battle with this unique theme! And who knows? Maybe there’s a surprise in store as well!

The Elder Dragons Return!

Our favorite foursome returns! They’re packing the biggest and baddest from Core Set 2019! Who will breathe fire the fiercest this time around?

Commander VS: Hidden Roles!

A little rendezvous, a little mystery…Commander VS with hidden roles for the crew is just what you need! Who’ll dominate this week with Dominaria commanders?

Commander VS: Hidden Roles

How mysterious are today’s shenanigans on Commander VS? So mysterious, we’re even hiding the decklists today. Can you keep yourself in suspense?

Commander VS: The Brawl Begins!

Brawl has come to Commander VS, and not a moment too soon! The innovation and creation is already heavy with our favorite four bringing wild decks to clash with!