AuthorJay Moldenhauer-Salazar

Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar (feel free to call him JMS) started playing Magic for fun during Ice Age and for prizes during Mirage. He has since abandoned the big tournaments to focus on creative deckbuilding, moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan to the San Francisco Bay Area, and has a wife, a child, a dog, a corporate job, a weekly column at Magicthegathering.com, and a novel ("Birthright," published by Virtualbookworm.com). What the hell happened?!?

A Selesnyan Tome

Longtime Magic author Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar was inspired to return to the game by teaching his son to play. See what he’s been brewing up on Magic Online

Food For Thought – Black Knights: A Going Rogue Epilogue

In an additional article for the weekend, JMS takes us through the development of his own pet Mono-Black creation, Black Knights. Utilizing the powerful Haakon, Stromgald Scourge, and a plethora of Black beatdown monsters, does the deck have what it takes to impact the coming Planar Chaos metagame? And what does it gain from the new set, aside from a four-mana board-sweeping sorcery? JMS reveals all…

Tribal Knowledge: Snow Birds And Compromises

For this tenth Standard Tribal article, I knew that I wanted to focus on Coldsnap. I wanted a tribe or feature card that spoke to Coldsnap’s central themes and that resulted in a very Coldsnappian deck. I wanted to look at the final decklist and immediately think “cool,” or “snappy.”

Tribal Knowledge: Waiting For Leshrac

I don’t see any reason to rehash Centaurs, Assassins, Imps, or Skeletons. I also don’t see the need to try Thrulls after Flawed Paradigm gave it such a valiant effort in the Forums a few weeks ago. I’m left with half of the Tribes of Five list: Avatars, Kirin, Lizard, Lord, and Nephilim. Which to choose for a deck this week?

Tribal Knowledge: Maggots. (Ew.)

JMS jumps aboard the six-legged bandwagon and builds a competitive insect deck for the online Tribal Standard format. Do these creepy crawly underdogs have what it takes to swing with the Humans and the Spirits? Read on to find out!

Tribal Knowledge: Three Nations Pow-Wow

Once you get past the big two tribes, there are a number of tribes I consider “Tribal Nations.” These tribes don’t necessarily have the five-color ubiquity of Spirits and Humans, but there is a lot there from which to choose. Wizards, Warriors, Shamans, Goblins, Samurai, and Soldiers all occupy significant territories in today’s Standard and should be able to raise pretty awe-inspiring armies. I decided that my next deck would involve one of these nation states.