AuthorCommander VS

Commander VS is the flagship Commander video series produced by Star City Games.

Against The Human Horde

It’s a Halloween episode with a twist! Our Commander VS foursome wield spooky 100-card decks against the desperate remains of humanity. Who will survive this apocalyptic clash?

So Random II: Random’s Revenge

The random commanders return, and this time, someone’s getting stuck with a Wall! That’s right (or is it left?): Pramikon, Sky Rampart is flying in to give this chaotic game a little direction!

So Random, Part 1

When Reveka, Wizard Savant shows up on Commander VS, you know things have gotten random! Whom will fortune favor among our foursome?

Throne Of Eldraine Legends!

A Knight, a Thane, a Queen, and a King walk into a Commander game … and the Commander VS crew are ready to play! What happens when the Throne of Eldraine legends lead 100-card decks?

Face Time For Non-Face Cards

In this week’s episode, Director Kyle steps in to help the crew find out what happens when cards that weren’t the face of their Commander preconstructed decks take the spotlight!