AuthorCedric Phillips

Cedric Phillips is the voice of the SCG Tour®, working as its Lead Broadcaster. His playing days are (mostly) behind him as he looks for ways to grow Magic outside of casting 2/2s for one mana.

Insider Information – The StarCityGames.com $10000 Open Weekend

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Thursday, October 15th – Cedric Phillips rocked up to the StarCityGames.com $10000 Open weekend in Philadelphia, hoping to bring home the bacon in both Standard and Legacy. He shares his Standard list, which posted a solid result, before recapping his excellent Top 8 Legacy performance with Two-Land Belcher!

Insider Information – The Standard Gauntlet

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Friday, October 9th – The StarCityGames.com $5000 Standard Open in Philadelphia is tomorrow, and Cedric has the perfect article for everyone playing! He shares his idea of the current Standard metagame, with decklists aplenty, and includes a cool rogue deck he feels may have a shot. If you’ve not yet chosen your weapon of choice, let Cedric lead the way.

Insider Information – Soldiers in Zendikar Standard

SCG 10K Philadelphia... the first major event featuring Zendikar!
Thursday, October 1st – Kithkin are gone from Standard, and that made Cedric a sad panda. However, Zendikar is here, and the new face of White Weenie is upon us… Soldiers! Cedric examines the strategy and strength of the individual pieces. Can such a regimented beatdown force be a player in the new Standard metagame?

Insider Information – Zendikar Under The Hammer

SCG 10K Philadelphia... the first major event featuring Zendikar!
Friday, September 25th – Last week, Cedric Phillips fired a blazing salvo into the spoiled Zendikar cards. He called out the spells he felt unworthy, and highlighted a handful he thought to be strong. Today, he continues this task, before regaling us with the epic tale of Lotus Cobra…

Insider Information – Zendikar: Overrated?

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Thursday, September 17th – It seems that everyone is excited about Zendikar. However, Cedric Phillips is not so sure. In today’s Insider Information, he lists a few cards he believes are overrated. Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom from Ced: he also brings us a few tidbits he believes are stronger than they appear…

Insider Information – The Evolution of a PTQ Season

The StarCityGames.com $10K Open Comes to Charlotte!
Thursday, September 3rd – With the current Standard format all but obsolete by the approach of Zendikar, Cedric Phillips looks back at the evolution of the metagame from Black/White tokens to Blue/White Merfolk. As usual, he pulls no punches in his humorous and intelligent analysis… you’ve been warned!

Insider Information – More GenCon Adventures

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Thursday, August 27th – In today’s edition of Insider Information, Cedric Phillips shares his love of gaming via tales from GenCon and the Legacy Championships. He reminds us why we all play this game, and looks back at a time when players played the game instead of playing the cards…

Insider Information – Sanity Grinding at GenCon

Make plans to join us at SCG 5K Dallas!
Thursday, August 20th – While he’s no particular fan of gaming conventions, Cedric Phillips set his sights on a GenCon PTQ with a controversial deck choice: Sanity Grinding. Today, he shares a tournament report from the convention floor.

Insider Information – Cedric’s Nationals

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Thursday, July 30th – At U.S. Nationals, Cedric played Kithkin. Unfortunately, the metagame wasn’t ripe for the little White men, and Ced couldn’t manage a run at the final table. Today, he takes us through his personal highs and lows from KC, sharing match recaps and fun stories galore!

Insider Information – The Kentucky Open

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Friday, July 24th – Cedric Phillips did his level best to avoid playing Kithkin at the recent Kentucky Open. He tried Five-Color Control, Combo Elves, and even Mono-Green Awakener Druid. In the end, he picked up the Little White Men and went to town. While he didn’t make the final table, today’s article sees him explain his choice and run through his own metagame predictions.

Insider Information – The Ultimate Kithkin Primer

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Thursday, July 16th – In his final Kithkin-centric article for the foreseeable future, Cedric “Kithwins” Phillips brings us the ultimate primer on playing the Little White men in the approaching Standard metagame. He talks us through the card choices, sideboard debates, and matchup strategies with his usual honesty and wit. Enjoy!

Insider Information – Kithkin With M10

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Thursday, July 9th – Cedric Phillips, the voice of White Weenie, brings us an in-depth examination of Kithkin post-M10 rotation. While there are a host of possible inclusions, Cedric doesn’t believe that there’s a great deal to improve the current deck. It seems that Kithkin are likely to be one of the more potent strategies come U.S. Nationals… What does this mean for those planning to run with Wizened Cenn?

Insider Information – Kithwinz: Little White Men in Standard

Read Cedric Phillips every week... At StarCityGames.com!
Friday, July 3rd – With Standard altering beyond measure in mere weeks, those of us with PTQs in the meantime are clamoring for tech, decks, and tips in order to pick up a Blue Envelope. Cedric Phillips, master of the White Weenie, delivers today with an excellent primer and matchup guide for players who enjoy swinging for two…

Insider Information – Kithkin at the PTQ *Top 8*

SCG 5K Standard Open Comes to Minneapolis This Saturday!
Thursday, June 25th – Just as Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa is synonymous with Faeries, Cedric Phillips is the true Kithkin master. Today, he shares fun and frolics from his local PTQ, at which he posted a respectable Top 8 performance despite some Karsten-esque problems at every step. Warning, this one’s not for the faint of heart…