AuthorCarl Winter

Carl Winter is the former Vintage World Champion and a regular fixture at the top tables of major Vintage events.

Chalice Of The Void: Is The Sky Really Falling Down?

Chalice of the Void. Possibly the best card introduced to the Vintage fold out of Mirrodin (though there are those who will argue for Chrome Mox, but they’re probably wrong). Some see a powerful lock card. Some see a powerful hoser. But what does the reigning Vintage World Champion when he looks at Chalice?

The Vintage World Championships Report – *Winner*

The week before GenCon, I had actually played in a Type 1 run by IAmFishMan from TheManaDrain.com. I had gone into it having not played for a month or so beforehand, hoping to have some fun with my Goblin Trenches Keeper. Long story short? I won the tournament and a new Beta Mox Emerald. I was feeling pretty invincible at that point and decided that if I won the World Championships, I would declare dominance over Type 1. Well, as it turns out, I won, but I’m still refusing to declare dominance lest I be viewed as a jackass.

MonoBlue’s Last Stand: *T1* in Type 1 With About-To-Be-Banned Cards

Saturday Type 1 Tournament Fat Cat Books in Johnson City, NY, 1:30-7:30 PM Double Elimination 14 Players Players with any Power Cards: 5 Those playing Power Cards: 3 I’ve felt that for far too long, this site has gone without a good Vintage tournament report… So I’m hoping I can remedy that! Now, I do…

Amateur Championships *3rd*

Wow – third place. Not too shabby! Thus far, my highest finishes had been random T8s at JSS Qualifiers and winning small tourneys and side events. But third out of 358 people is just like, wow to me! (And most others, I dare say – ) Here’s my report, as best as I can remember….