AuthorAri Lax

Ari Lax has been a Pro Tour mainstay for nearly the last decade. Over that time he has accumulated nine Grand Prix top eights and won Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir in 2014. Despite a long time affinity for combo decks, he approaches the game in methodical fashion, always looking for decks that play better than he does and make winning easy.

Everything I Know About AVR Limited

Everyone is comparing Avacyn Restored to Core Set formats, but to Pro Tour regular Ari Lax this Draft format is even more straightforward than most of those. Find out how you should approach AVR Draft to achieve success.

Ghost Of Pro Tours Past

After eleven consecutive Pro Tours, Ari Lax has learned plenty of lessons about high-level play. As the Ghost of Pro Tours Past, he’ll guide you past many of the pitfalls you’ll face.

Modern Restored

GP Atlanta Top 8 competitor Ari Lax tells you how he thinks Avacyn Restored will impact Modern. Go through his card-by-card analysis to see which cards he thinks will be role players in Modern decks.

Notebook Of Avacyn

GP Nashville 2010 finalist Ari Lax shares with you his compiled observations about Avacyn Restored including how soulbond works in practice and his three favorite cards. Also find out what deck he wants to see at SCG Open Series: Providence.

Question And (Maybe) Answer

Pro Tour Competitor Ari Lax asks and answers questions about cards in Avacyn Restored that haven’t been getting as much attention as others that he thinks may be role players in the future. Get ready for the Prerelease this weekend!

Miracles And Archetypes

Check out Ari Lax’s opinion of miracle, a new mechanic in the upcoming set Avacyn Restored. He also answers key questions in the ongoing definitions of archetypes (e.g., aggro-control) debate. Get ready for Avacyn Restored!

Modern Season One Review

This week, Ari Lax shifts to Modern. He has a complete review of how the first Modern PTQ season’s metagame has evolved. Find out all about Modern and why you should try playing this fun Eternal format.

Welcome To The Dream World

Ari Lax decided to take a walk on the sleepy side with a completely different combo deck for Grand Prix Indianapolis: Dream Halls, designed by brothers James and William Heslip!