AuthorAnthony Alongi

Anthony Alongi has been playing Magic since 1998. He is one of the earliest thinkers and writers regarding multiplayer Magic and has written for Wizards of the Coast, the Dojo, and here at StarCityGames. He is a public servant, author, father, husband, and dog owner.

CASUAL FRIDAYS #121: The Pain In Torment

What opportunities does Torment provide for multiplayer? What opportunities does it miss? And what Card can we Break? Anthony examines the set broadly, color by color… And then channels rules-lovin’ Rizzo like it ain’t no thang.

CASUAL FRIDAYS #118: Breaking Open

The date: 01/18. The column: 0118. Coincidence that this is the exact time that Anthony simultaneously answers reader emails and holds a contest… FOR HIMSELF? You decide.

CASUAL FRIDAYS #116: A Slice Of Mind

Discard, the Holy Grail of multiplayer Magic, have two new champions in Odyssey. But are they enough? Also, Anthony sells out but asks you to keep him honest. But are YOU enough?

CASUAL FRIDAYS #115: Tale Of Two Games

If one piece of advice will get you on the Pro Tour, it’s this: Whenever there’s a Spreading Plague on the board, always Quash the early Illusion/Reality, rather than Misdirecting it to your own Beloved Chaplain.