AuthorAnthony Alongi

Anthony Alongi has been playing Magic since 1998. He is one of the earliest thinkers and writers regarding multiplayer Magic and has written for Wizards of the Coast, the Dojo, and here at StarCityGames. He is a public servant, author, father, husband, and dog owner.

CASUAL FRIDAYS #137: Alpha Males

Lots of stuff I want to talk about this week – some new decks, how Magic players act, my dog, how writers write, my various neuroses – and it all comes back to the Alpha Kavu. Or maybe another card.

CASUAL FRIDAYS #134: Making Myths

Nomad Mythmaker is officially BROKEN!… by Anthony’s readers, of course. So anyone wanna see the deck that one that did NOT include Femeref Enchantress or Crown of the Ages?

CASUAL FRIDAYS #133: Baby Decks

In answering reader mail, Anthony sets out the steps for making sure your first few decks are competitive. Just goes to show you that if you suggest an article, we’ll find a way to write it!

CASUAL FRIDAYS #132: Judging The Judgments On Judgment

Tormented by the odyssey of many players to put set titles in their set review articles, Anthony conducts an invasion in alliance with the legends who live in the stronghold in Urza’s homelands in hopes of averting an exodus, a planeshift, or worst of all, the apocalypse itself. Not your typical tempest in a teacup!