AuthorAJ Kerrigan

While he might look young, AJ Kerrigan already plays like a seasoned veteran. Don't be at all surprised if you see AJ cleaning up at StarCityGames.com Opens, Grand Prix, and Pro Tours in the near future.

Thank God It’s FNM: Spoilers!

AJ highlights the cards he’s most excited about in Dragon’s Maze for Standard and shares some cool ideas he’s come up with to utilize them in decks.

Thank God It’s FNM: R/W/B Tokens

Check out AJ’s take on a reader-submitted Haste Tokens deck. See why he recommends giving it a try at Friday Night Magic before Dragon’s Maze is released.

Thank God It’s FNM: G/U Elves

AJ Kerrigan returns with a new deck recommendation for Friday Night Magic for those who love to play sweet decks and don’t mind a bit of inconsistency.

Thank God It’s FNM: The Flavors Of Mono Red

AJ Kerrigan looks at all the variants of red aggro in Standard: Mono Red, Boros, and Gruul. He shares the lists he’s been working on, perfect for the Cincinnati Open or Daytona Beach Classic this weekend.

Thank God It’s FNM: Bant Walls

This week AJ’s got a sweet brew inspired by a Five-Color Walls deck that he faced at a SCG Standard Open. Check it out for your next Friday Night Magic!

Thank God It’s FNM: No-Green Seance

AJ Kerrigan is back with a new TGIF! He went 3-1 with it in a Magic Online Daily Event and would love to share its secrets with you all for tonight’s Friday Night Magic.

Thank God It’s FNM: U/R Deadeye Navigator Combo

Although his featured deck this week isn’t quite ready for the SCG Standard Open in Los Angeles or SCG Classic Series: Richmond, AJ thinks that U/R Deadeye Navigator Combo is a deck you could have fun playing with at FNM.